Condominium Profile

Condominium Profile

Location:  36/38 Sukumvit 49, Bangkok

The Prestige 49 members voted in 2008 to pass our second Five Year Improvements package.

Our board of directors are busy prioritizing projects and moving forward with design of those projects that will have the most significant impact on our community areas. The projects range from beautification to redistribution of spacial functions to state of the art technilogical advancements.


There have been many demographic changes on the Bangkok housing scene in recent years, but a few basic principles regarding living preferences never seem to change. The Sukhumvit area is still the most desirable residential area in Bangkok and will be for a long time to come.

As the municipality continues its efforts to improve the Bangkok infrastructure, in time, new roads will further dissect neighborhoods like this vast residential area between Sukhumvit and New Petchburi Roads. These improved Roads will attract new commercial development, but the fundamental residential character of the hinterlands of the Sukhumvit residential neighborhood will likely be preserved. Most of Sukhumvit’s feeder lanes will continue to primarily serve the neighborhood resident. 

One such soi is Soi 49. Few sois have the depth and access to the internal road network as Soi 49 does. It is strategically located with access to both Sukhumvit and New  Petchburi thoroughfares through a variety of alternative routes, yet it is sufficiently distant from the downtown area to avoid the effects and vulnerability of the one-way traffic system. To its credit, Soi 49’s width inherently discourages commercial establishments that depend upon volume traffic and on-street parking. 

Soi 49 is one of Sukhumvit’s vintage sois, one which will only get better with time.

In 2010 and 2011 Our members committed 2/3's of our 2nd Five Year Improvements package to make physical improvements  in the community A new adults onlyExcercise room and a new staff lounge and a well equipped in-house laundry were constructed. Funds also went for  the major upgrade of our family activity room overlooking the swimming pool. Our lounge has also been refurbished and a new security surveillance installed.

Our Board of Directors is continuing to investigate relevant improvement projects that will ultimately benefit our community as a whole.

During those same years our tower's main water distribution was also completely replaced with state of the art piping.

Christmas 2011 gave us the opportunity to showcase our community's 20th anniversary. The festivities were attended by nearly 100% of foreign community.

2012 is no less exciting. A projectto paint the exterior of the building tower was completed.

Here at The Prestige 49 there is a strong sense of unity and family spirit. You can hear in our children 's play, see it in Social gatherings of parents and their pets. This community spirit is continually rekindled each year with sponsored events like our Christmas festivities.


In 2012 , True Internet Service Provider installed the Cable internet to the building.

In 2014, The Swimming Pool has been renovated.

In 2018, TOT cable optic installation. 


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