The Community

The Community

The community houses 59 residential condominium units. Five unique villas and spacious one, two and three bedroom units provide a variety of individual or family options. All the units are generously sized allowing their design to take full advantage of the neighborhood and urban environment.Each Unit assigned reserved Parking (s).

Built in 1992, the building has served as home for many local Thai and foreign nationals. The recreational amenities have served as the social nucleus for family gatherings and enthusiasts alike. The swimming pool is situated as the hub for most of these activities, but more intimate surroundings can be appreciated within our private lounges and gardens as well.

Bangkok’s mass transit system is only a 10 minute walk away. As are local food markets, fine restaurants and retail markets.

Experience shows that many people are receptive to fresh approaches to living environs. They look to communities that best fulfill their own expectations in quality yet still allow their personal expression and freedom to enjoy one’s preferred lifestyle. 

Our community inherently incorporates one such innovative approach.  We strive to serve as a community standard for all our neighbors and to provide our family with a special sense of pride. 

Whereas this standard of quality is design inherent, it is more often the case than not, that life here nurtures and improves overtime. It is a standard of such that we here at The Prestige 49 aspire to everyday.


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